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Ag-108m production

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Presenting Companies at the 19th BEF Forum

107. 107. Ag-108m.


Ag-108m production

Statistics of charge-carrier production. ○ High density (solid high carrier mobility.

Ag-108m production

For the production of the tubes it was not possible to use conventional technologies due to the fact that high amounts of materials are needed causing contamination in the production plant. Ag-108m 75 -100 0 -1 0 -25 1 (bottom) Sb-125 60 -100 0 -20 10 -40 0 Cs-137 0 0 -5 95 -100 0 U 0 -1 95 -100 0 -5 During normal scrape based steel production the scrape is first melted in an electric arc furnace (EAF) and tapped in a ladle. Through the melting in the EAF the steel will pickup production, at chimney evacuation, and on the filters attached to the local monitors. The air contamination is performed in two ways: i) by using the Fixed Radiometric System, which registers the gross volumetric activity; ii) from the evacuation chimney, at a height of 40 m.
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Ag-108m production

The tramp U causes production of short-lived noble gases that results in noble gas daughter accumulation, Sr-90, Cs-135, Cs-137, etc., in the off-gas decay systems.

10. 108.
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32,07. Ag-110m. 1,18E+05.

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2012:36. Technical Note. Documentation and Traceability of Data in

Cesium-137 and its daughter product Ba-137m made up 92% and Sr-90 and its daughter product Y-90 made up 3% of the curies disposed of in FY2018. data (5). Lithium impurities contribute substantially to the production of tritium, due to the large (n,α) cross section of Li-6. Table III: Some impurities in zircalloy (measured) and stainless steel 304L (from worldwide data) for LWR structural components.